Our insider tips to have the best time in Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is an iconic town in Western Australia, a place of red dirt, hot winds, heavy duty mining equipment, and a rugged history that spans back generations. And sitting roughly a day’s travel away from Perth, it’s tantalisingly close—yet feels like a world away. 

Visiting Kalgoorlie is a must-do for anyone wanting to learn about the stories and larger-than-life characters that made the state what it is today. In fact, it’s a place where you can step back in time and experience this history for yourself.

So when planning a trip to Kalgoorlie, it’s important that you know enough so you can make the most of your time here. To help you, we’ve pulled together our top tips so you can get the full experience.

Let’s get started.

When is the best time to go to Kalgoorlie?

The best time to go to Kalgoorlie really depends on what you’re looking to do there.

It gets hot over summer, so it’s generally more comfortable to visit is during the more temperate months between May and October. You get to enjoy the cooler weather and still see all the major attractions.

Between July and October is wildflower season in the Goldfields, when the desert surrounding Kalgoorlie comes alive with pink and white everlastings, Sturt’s Desert Pea, and purple mulla mulla. It’s the perfect weather for a self-guided walking tour of the area. And as the weather warms up, so too does Kalgoorlie’s social calendar. In October you can experience one of Kalgoorlie’s largest events, The Kalgoorlie Cup. People flock from all over the state to catch this iconic horse race, and take part in the fun party atmosphere that comes with it.

How long do I need to stay to get the full Kalgoorlie experience?

As a traveller, the best amount of time to spend in Kalgoorlie is two full days, with a day of travel either side. This gives you three nights in Kalgoorlie, which is the perfect amount of time to unwind and relax.

You can visit the iconic Kalgoorlie sites, like the  mighty Super Pit. Pan for real gold at Hannans Tourist Mine, and see what life was like for a prospector back in the Gold Rush days. Learn about the history of the town at the Museum of the Goldfields, or get your hands dirty and book in an all-day gold fossicking tour.

If you’re in a driving mood, you can head two-and-a-half hours out of town and see the striking statues at Lake Ballard.

And that’s just scratching the surface. There’s plenty to do in Kalgoorlie, but three nights, and two full days, should be enough to get a taste of the town.

How to get to Kalgoorlie

There are three main ways to get to Kalgoorlie: catching the train, flying, or driving.

By train

Catching the train on the Kalgoorlie Prospector lets you enjoy the old-world charm of long-haul train travel, with the modern conveniences of onboard wifi, a snack menu, and a bar. 

It’s not a quick trip, clocking in at seven hours, so plan a whole day for your travel.

The Prospector departs daily from East Perth train station.

By plane

Flying is the quickest way to get to Kalgoorlie from Perth—the flight takes just over an hour—but it’s not the cheapest (unless you get a really good deal on your flight).

There are generally two or three flights a day from Perth, meaning you can easily get here and back in a day.

By car

Driving is our favourite way to get to Kalgoorlie. So much so that we’ve written a previous blog about it.

It’s almost a seven-hour drive, so plan the whole day. But it’s a beautiful one; leaving early in the morning to drive with the rising sun, you’ll head out through the Perth hills, along the Kalgoorlie Pipeline, stopping off for a rest at some of WA’s iconic country towns.

It’s the perfect way to experience the true beauty of the Goldfields.

Finding the best Kalgoorlie accommodation

Which Kalgoorlie accommodation you choose can make all the difference to your trip. You want somewhere close to the main attractions, and close to the main strip, with comfortable and inviting rooms, excellent food and beverage options, and a great view (Kalgoorlie sunsets are something else).

And, being Kalgoorlie, a pool doesn’t go astray.

The Plaza Hotel Kalgoorlie is the perfect place to stay during your time in Kalgoorlie. You’ll find us located just minutes from the Museum, Hannans Tourist Mine, and the Super Pit, and just off the main street. 

It’s an eight-minute drive from the airport, and less than five from the train station, making it super easy to get to, no matter how you travel here.

Choose from a selection of comfortable rooms, from our superior relaxed suites, self-contained for all your everyday needs, or your own private getaway in our Deluxe King rooms, offering views out across the Goldfields. Enjoy fresh, modern takes on pub classics at the Plaza Hotel Kalgoorlie Restaurant, which is open for long, lazy buffet breakfasts, lunches, and intimate dinners.

And be warned: the December to February months can get exceedingly hot, with days regularly hitting the 40°C mark. And while there’s plenty to do to beat the summer heat, it’s not a comfortable time if you’re not used to it. So as well as crisp, quiet air conditioning in every room, you can cool off and freshen up with our extensive wine list and fully-stocked bar, or take a dip and beat the heat in our pool.

Book the right Kalgoorlie accommodation to make the most of your trip

Three nights and two full days is enough to get a true taste of Kalgoorlie. So when planning your next trip here, be sure to use this list of ours as a refresher.

And when you’re ready to make the journey, book a room with us. We’ll help you make sure your Goldfields trip is one to remember.

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