What’s the best way to travel from Perth to Kalgoorlie?

Holidaying in Kalgoorlie is one thing, but how you get here can be an adventure in itself.

Whether you choose to take the train, fly here, or just jump in the car and drive, each one gives you the chance to see and explore the rugged WA outback in its own special way.

Here’s a rundown of each method of getting to Kalgoorlie, and what you can expect on the way.

Take the train from Perth to Kalgoorlie

Take the scenic route to Kalgoorlie on the Prospector Train. Ideal for when you’ve got a more relaxed schedule, you can experience the old-world charm of rail travel with the modern conveniences that make it truly relaxing.

A seven-hour trip, trains depart daily from the East Perth Terminal at:

  • 7:05am Monday to Saturday
  • 3:30pm Mondays and Fridays only
  • 2:05pm on Sundays

Get there in style in its fully-airconditioned carriages. With free WiFi, power points for charging your devices, and on-demand personal entertainment systems, your comfort is well catered for. 

If you’re hungry, you can enjoy a meal on board, with a full snack menu featuring a range of teas, coffee, and sweet and savoury treats. 

There’s even a bar, so you can have a drink and watch the scenery fly by.

How much?

Taking the train from Perth to Kalgoorlie is one of the more cost-effective options for travel, as tickets start at $98.40 per adult and $49.20 for concession card holders.

Catch a flight from Perth to Kalgoorlie

Take in the Goldfields from the air, and see Kalgoorlie from the clouds. Flying here adds a completely different dimension to your holiday. 

When you’ve only got a day to spend in Kalgoorlie, or you need to get there fast, flying is the quickest way to get there. A flight from Perth to Kalgoorlie takes just over an hour. While it’s a short plane ride, there’s still enough time to have a coffee and a snack.

There are usually two or three flights per day from Perth to Kalgoorlie. This typically includes one around 6:30am, which means an early start, and one in the afternoon around 3:00pm. This later flight is perfect if you’re looking to spend a day in the city and the afternoon in the desert.

While it’s the quickest travel time, be sure to build in extra two hours or so to arrive at the airport, check in, and then depart at the end of the trip.

How much?

The major airline operators, including Qantaslink and Virgin, offer occasional fare deals. If you’re lucky, tickets can start as low as $219.

Go from Perth to Kalgoorlie by car

It’s time for a road trip. Load up the car, fill the tank, grab the snacks, get on to the Great Eastern Highway, and just drive. There’s no better way to see the heart and soul of WA than taking a road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie by car. 

At 6 hours 45 minutes minimum, it’s not a short journey. But it certainly is a striking one—one that’s best saved for when you’ve got a whole day to spend out on the open road. 

If you head off early enough in the morning, you’ll be greeted by the sun rising over the red sandy desert.

It’s approximately 600km from Perth to Kalgoorlie, and there are plenty of Wheatbelt towns to stop in and refuel, or grab a pie for the road at one of the local bakeries.

Watch the iconic Perth to Kalgoorlie Pipeline as it joins you for stretches of your journey, an engineering marvel that transports water from Mundaring all the way out to the Goldfields. You can even follow along The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail to learn more about its importance.

For more ideas, check out our road trip itinerary for some of the best sights and activities along the way.

How much?

As fuel prices fluctuate, we can’t guarantee how much it costs to get from Perth to Kalgoorlie. So it’s best to have around $100 set aside for fuel each way.

While it may not be cheap, the striking views and stark, expansive desert scenery you’ll see along the way are worth their weight in gold.

When you get here, stay comfortably central at The Plaza Hotel

There are plenty of ways to travel from Perth to Kalgoorlie, each with their own different experiences. But after a day’s travel, you want to stay somewhere that’s comfortable, as well as being easy to get to.

The Plaza Hotel Kalgoorlie is your ideal endpoint. We’re situated perfectly centrally, any way you travel – we’re an eight-minute drive from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport, four minutes from Kalgoorlie Station, or a 16-minute walk if you’re not too loaded with luggage and feel like exploring the town first.

If you opt to drive to Kalgoorlie, you can pull up right at our doorstep and take advantage of parking included.

Arriving by train or plane? There are plenty of car hire options at Kalgoorlie Airport. 

Alternatively, the nearest car rental location from our hotel is just a 20-minute walk down Hannan Street, the main strip of the town.

But probably the most important part of your journey is when you get here: you want to make sure you’ve booked comfortable accommodation in Kalgoorlie that’s going to look after you. 

Get in touch with the friendly team at Plaza Hotel to book a room for the end of your road trip, or give us a call on 08 9080 5900 to learn more about our room packages.